Our Home Care Franchise

Our drive to honor seniors, their family members, our franchisees, senior living communities, our corporate staff, and beyond comes from a legacy of care that’s personal. Learn about the Goetz family’s journey to building HomeCare Advocacy Network.

About HomeCare Advocacy Network

Founded and locally-owned in Omaha, Nebraska, HomeCare Advocacy Network is a team of knowledgeable professionals, committed to helping our franchisees establish and grow a successful, non-medical home care franchise. By understanding the struggles many go through of finding reliable, affordable at-home care for aging family members first-hand, our founders and leaders are passionate about empowering franchisees to provide excellent senior care in their communities.

Pursue your dreams of business ownership, create jobs, and find meaning in your work with HomeCare.

How The HomeCare Advocacy Network Started

Founders, Mark and Sierra Goetz, (HomeCare President and Director of Operations, respectively), witnessed exceptional examples of family caregivers who had compassionately cared for loved ones with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. They wanted to continue their family legacy of service by creating a home care franchise organization centered on personal, one-on-one support. They know first hand the challenges that families face when an aging loved one needs care, and they wanted to alleviate the stress of that process on a larger scale.

Since our inception during the COVID-19 pandemic, the HomeCare team has sought out kind, gritty, resilient, and purpose-driven leaders to open franchises that deliver care wherever a senior calls home. With a focus on honoring and respecting seniors and caregivers, our franchise model supports financial success while giving back to the community.

Home promises peace, sanctuary, and comfort to us all. We believe that every senior deserves the highest quality of care as they age, and that the price for families to deliver the promise of home to their aging loved ones should be affordable.

Inspiration Spanning Generations

When co-founder Mark Goetz was preparing his presentation for HomeCare Advocacy Network’s initial kickoff, he called on his oldest daughter, 18-year-old Kennedy, to help him practice. After listening, Kennedy admitted: “That’s what I wrote my college essay about.”

Taken aback, Mark asked his daughter to share her essay with him and then encouraged her to repeat it in front of the crowd of professionals at the meeting. Kennedy’s college essay explored her experience at a young age helping her grandfather care for her grandmother, who lived with early onset Alzheimer’s.

She explained how special and real the bond between caregiver and someone needing care is, understanding that even at an age as young as nine. After hearing Kennedy’s essay, the Goetz family realized just how deeply a commitment to care permeated their lineage, and knew their endeavors with HomeCare would honor the legacy of care already present in their family.

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