Meet Our Franchise Leadership

With years of relevant industry experience, our franchise leaders bring both passion and expertise to their roles. Find out how our purpose-driven team uses extensive personal and professional experiences in home care to drive success for our franchisees.

Mark Goetz

Co-founder and CEO

Helping others achieve their full potential has been the driving force behind Mark’s journey through the senior care industry. 

With a degree in Organizational Communication from Bellevue University and more than two decades of experience in the senior living and home care industries, Mark has been a catalyst for innovation – introducing pioneering programs and services that have positively disrupted the senior care landscape. His forward-thinking approach, coupled with his commitment to pursue the genuine success of others, has fueled the impressive growth of the HomeCare Advocacy Network. 

A recognized leader, Mark is often invited to share his insight and expertise at industry seminars and conferences. He is also very invested in his community and engaged with several organizations and initiatives – always advocating for seniors and working to truly make a difference in the lives of others.

Most importantly, Mark is a devoted family man. He and wife Sierra have four kids (Kennedy, Isaac, Lincoln and Regan) and two dogs (Rocky and Creed) – all named by Sierra. When he has spare time, he loves hanging out with his wife and kids, traveling, ATV-ing, boating and bowling.

Together, Mark and his family are grateful for the opportunity to work in a purpose driven industry where people are the greatest assets.

Sierra Goetz

Co-founder and Director of Operations

As Director of Operations, Sierra says her primary responsibility is “taking Mark’s crazy ideas and making them a reality”. 

A graduate of Iowa State University, she has strong organizational skills and keen attention to detail – which she uses to streamline processes and optimize efficiency. She also works closely with HomeCare Advocacy Network franchise teams to implement best practices and ensure that all aspects of the business are aligned with industry standards and regulatory requirements. 

Through personal and professional experience, Sierra understands the power of compassionate caregiving and the growing need for dedicated caregivers. She is committed to creating a culture of kindness, collaboration, respect and continuous growth – an environment that elevates the privilege of caregiving while ensuring all clients receive the exceptional care they deserve.

In addition to her day-to-day responsibilities, Sierra helped develop the Family and Friends Dementia Education class – a class inspired by her family’s experience caring for her step-mom who had early onset Alzheimer’s disease. The free, two-hour session is designed to help people better understand the disease and learn ways to cope with its challenges.

Sierra and Mark have four children – Kennedy, Isaac, Lincoln and Regan. She enjoys attending her children’s sporting events, traveling, snorkeling, watching Marvel movies with her sons and old mystery shows, like Columbo and Murder She Wrote, with her daughter.

Kennedy Goetz

Development Specialist – Caregiver Fund

For Mark and Sierra’s daughter Kennedy, the desire to provide seniors with consistent, compassionate care is grounded in life experience. At just 10-years-old, she began helping her grandfather care for her grandmother who had early onset Alzheimer’s disease. With unwavering patience and compassion, she spent quality time with her grandmother and assisted with simple, day-to-day tasks.

The experience with her grandmother ignited a passion in Kennedy, who now works to make a difference in the lives of all older people and their caregivers. As Development Director for the HomeCare Advocacy Network Caregiver Support Fund, she is committed to helping professional caregivers overcome life’s little challenges, so they can continue to provide exceptional care to seniors and their families.

When Kennedy isn’t raising money for the Caregiver Support Fund, she’s likely raising awareness about political issues. She’s always had an interest in politics and recently worked for a conservative nonprofit organization. She currently is a part-time campaign staffer for an area congressional candidate. She also loves boating, jet skiing, fishing and hunting at her family’s lake house.

Tracy Dale

Development Specialist

A seasoned market development specialist, Tracy plays a pivotal role in driving market expansion and facilitating the growth of the HomeCare Advocacy Network. 

Tracy has an extensive background in home care sales and operations, which has equipped her with the ability to identify and capitalize on new business opportunities, forge strategic partnerships and build strong relationships with key stakeholders. Her strategic approach, along with her commitment to deliver excellent customer service, has resulted in significant revenue growth and expansion of the HomeCare Advocacy Network. 

A graduate of the University of Nebraska,Tracy actively pursues professional development activities as well as opportunities to advocate for seniors and give back to her community.

Stephanie Thompson

Business Services Manager

Growing up in Omaha, Nebraska, Stephanie first dreamed of being an auto mechanic… then an architect… and finally a successful accountant. She put those plans on hold in college, though, to care for her aging grandma – an experience she will never regret.

The time spent with her grandma set Stephanie on a new career path – senior care. For the past 16 years, she has played a key role in helping home care franchisees deliver exceptional care while building profitable, purpose-driven businesses. With exceptional skills in operational execution and finance, she is a trusted advisor and mentor to HomeCare Advocacy Network franchisees – empowering them with the support and guidance they need to thrive.

Stephanie’s dedication to excellence extends beyond the office. A devoted mother of three sons and two dogs, she understands the importance of balancing work and family life. When it’s time to recharge she enjoys alone time, as well as, hanging out with friends and family, hiking, fishing, going to the beach, crafting, baseball and hockey games.

Laura Jennison

Brand Director

With eight children, you might think time management is Laura’s greatest strength, but it’s actually second to her amazing creativity.

After graduating from Iowa State University, Laura worked for a firm in Chicago before setting out on her own. With extraordinary skill and a solid understanding of the home care industry, she is committed to building a consistent, fresh and recognizable brand for the HomeCare Advocacy Network.

Along with their awesome children, Laura and her husband Nate have two cats and a pond of koi fish. When she has spare time, she enjoys pickleball, biking, art shows, card and board games, new foods, outdoor concerts and quality time with her big family.

Bridget Bear

Marketing Manager

Growing up, Bridget greatly admired her grandfather’s patience and kindness. While she, admittedly, does not have his even-keeled temperament, she did inherit his kind and generous disposition – which makes her a perfect fit for the HomeCare Advocacy Network.

Bridget is a graduate of Midland University and has more than 20 years of advertising and senior care experience. With aging parents of her own, she has lived through many of the joys and challenges that come with caregiving and understands the care options that are available to families.

In her role as Marketing Manager, Bridget helps raise awareness about the HomeCare Advocacy Network and important senior care issues, while promoting franchise sales and organizational growth. She also works very closely with individual franchises to help them maximize local marketing efforts.

Bridget’s sports-minded family includes Scott, her husband of more than 20 years, and their son Lawson. If they’re not attending a sporting event, they’re probably watching one on TV.

Billy Daniels

Digital Marketing Consultant

Whether it’s in the office or on the golf course, Billy’s competitive spirit makes him a winner.

A well-rounded, self-motivated marketer, Billy is experienced in digital marketing channels, email marketing, SEM, display ads, SPS, social media eCommerce analytics, Google analytics and digital content strategy. Most importantly, he is committed to helping the HomeCare Advocacy Network team fulfill our mission to expand our franchise family and deliver exceptional care to seniors who want to remain in their homes as they age.

In his spare time, Billy likes to spend time with his wife, two dogs (Sullivan and Rylee) and two cats (Nemo and Sven). He also likes to golf and hike.

Debbie Hilt

Public Relations Consultant

Story-telling is in Debbie’s blood. She inherited the gift from her beloved Gram, who lived an amazing 102 years. She kept a daily diary for more than 90 of those years and pulled from those diaries to author two books about her life while in her 80s and 90s.

Inspired by her Gram and equipped with her old typewriter, Debbie graduated from the University of Missouri School of Journalism and began a career in television news – developing and sharing stories in cities across the country. She eventually transitioned to public relations where, for the past 30 years, she has excelled in crafting compelling content that elevates brand awareness and drives business growth.

Debbie’s strategic mindset and creative flair help her implement innovating marketing initiatives that resonate with target audiences. At the HomeCare Advocacy Network, she leverages various channels, including digital marketing, social media and traditional media, to deliver impactful messaging that engages clients, caregivers, investors and franchisees.

When she’s not typing on a keyboard, Debbie loves to travel, read, ride her bike and spend time with her family – especially her adorable, one-year-old granddaughter, Amelia.

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