The Booming Home Care Industry

If you’re looking to join the senior care industry, now is the time. Every statistic points to rapid home care industry growth for the foreseeable future.

Home Care Industry Growth Statistics

As the American population continues to age, the demand for home care quickly increases. At HomeCare Advocacy Network, we aim to help the nation meet that demand with outstanding in-home services.

If you’re wondering if now is the right time to join the home care industry, consider that:

  • 56 million Americans were 65+ in 2020, and this number is expected to reach 85 million by 2050.

  • 77% of older adults want to age at home for the long-term.

  • 70% of people aged 65 and older will need long-term care at some point during their lifetime.

  • Industry revenue has grown, on average, 3.4% annually over the past five years. In 2023, the home care market size is estimated at $136.2 billion.

With 10,000 people turning 65 each day, this market is set to explode. Are you ready to capitalize on this opportunity?

The Personal Benefits of Working in Home Care

While the financial advantages and potential for growth are enticing, the benefits of owning a home care business go far beyond the money. Home care is a personally rewarding industry, because of the good it does for so many people.

We’re lucky to work in an industry where the currency of recruitment, client sales, and retention is kindness, connection, and support. As a home care franchise owner, “recruitment” means hiring natural nurturers to fulfill their passion of helping others. 

“Sales” means connecting those in need with exceptional care, providing respite for overworked family caregivers, and helping seniors lead thriving lives despite day-to-day challenges. “Retention” means building lasting relationships predicated on kindness, empathy, and respect.

Don’t Wait to Join a Growing Industry

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